Benny Sings - I Love You (live at the Bimhuis)


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  1. Little Donna
  2. Below the Waterfall
  3. New Bed
  4. So Light
  5. Yours
  6. No more Drinks for me
  7. Follow the Light
  8. Get There
  9. Me and my Guitar
  10. Make a Rainbow

Catalog: SK051CD/LP Release year: 2005

Different from the debut album Champagne People, which was conceived and executed in the quiet focus of Benny’s home studio, the second album, I Love You, is recorded live in the Amsterdam venue, the Bimhuis. Benny wrote the music on the way to his next commitment* and he arranged the new songs live on stage with the band. “The first album was in fact the beginning of a new life, Benny says “Before Champagne People and during my studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, my life and music mostly took place in my mind. After Champagne People, things started happening and I got busy living it. And this album is the celebration of that: a tribute to the here and now and to the lightness of my new existence.”