Benny Sings - Champagne People


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  1. Twist you around
  2. Party
  3. Unconditional love
  4. N.U.
  5. Melissa Davis
  6. We ain’t going nowhere
  7. Together
  8. Style beats liberationfronts
  9. Dust
  10. Champagne People ft. Floor van Berkestijn

Catalog: SK052CD
Release year: 2003

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Benny Sings began making hip-hop beats and at some point just started singing to them. After sending around his demo, he received a lot of positive reactions from record companies. In the end he decided to sign with Dox Records. Benny Sings is a characteristic product of our time: his music is naturally melodic and undeniably groovy. Benny’s methodology is contemporary too: he records the songs at his home studio, writing his own music, singing, and playing most instruments himself.