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Released by Stones Throw Records / Sings Records February 22, 2019

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Label: Stones Throw Records / AAA Label Services

BENNY SINGS JOINS STONES THROW :))) Covered Drake’s “Passionfruit” to celebrate

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  1. Hold That
  2. Don’t Say It’s Over
  3. One Night In Prague
  4. Spread A Little Love
  5. Chance Ben 1
  6. Nakameguro feat. Faberyayo
  7. R
  8. Disco
  9. Untitled 7
  10. Replay
  11. Vinyl Extracts 12 2
  12. Definite High
  13. Little By Little
  14. 461
  15. When You Go
  16. Funny
  17. Song 9
  18. Who Wins

Label: Sings Records Release date: Jun 29, 2018

Working up to his next studio album release, BEAT TAPE offers you some leftovers to chew on! Old beats, sketches, demo’s.

  1. One Of These Hearts
  2. Could Have Been There (bonus track vinyl)

Catalog: Dox293
Release date: 10-02-2017

Digital single + special limited edition 10” vinyl single released by Vinylify The single is accompanied by an official video

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A1. Coconut
A2. For Your Love
A3. Let Me In
A4. Feather
A5. We’ll Make Lovesongs
A6. Blackberry Street

B1. Over My Head
B2. Overnight
B3. All I’m Good For
B4. I Can’t Help Myself
B5. Softly
B6. Miss You More Than I Thought

Catalog: Dox275/MOVLP1755
Release date: Sep 16, 2016

Benny: ‘Brings back memories. It’s going to be a special edition, with a few big and small changes to the artwork (the vinyl will be brilliant). I hope people like it!’

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Spotify CD LP

  1. Straight Lines
  2. My Favourite Game
  3. Whose Fault
  4. Start (Part I)
  5. The Beach House
  6. You and Me feat. GoldLink
  7. Don’t Make Me Dance
  8. Black and Blue
  9. Shoebox Money feat. Mayer Hawthorne
  10. One of These Hearts

Catalog: Dox255/JAKARTA093
Release year: 2015

Benny Sings’ 5th studio album featuring guest appearances by Mayer Hawthorne and GoldLink. The album was mixed by The Stepkids. It is released by Dox Records and Jakarta Records.


  1. Twist You Around
  2. Style Beats Liberation Fronts
  3. Champagne People
  4. Little Donna
  5. Get There
  6. Make A Rainbow
  7. Coconut
  8. Let Me In
  9. I Can’t Help Myself
  10. Big Brown Eyes (Original version)
  11. All We Do For Love
  12. Can You Believe It’s Magic
  13. Some Day (Benny’s version)
  14. Little Things
    Bonus tracks: First recordings for the upcoming 5th album
  15. Rebuilding The Omega Man
  16. Fake Love

Catalog: Dox170
Release year: 2012

After the success of his latest album ‘Art’ Benny Sings releases a ‘Best Of’ album. It features tracks from previous albums (compiled by fans from all over the world), two tracks from side project ‘We’ll Make It Right’ and two brand new tracks.


  1. Big Brown Eyes
  2. Can We Try
  3. Honey Bee
  4. Realize
  5. All We Do For Love
  6. This Is a Samba
  7. Dreams
  8. Each Other
  9. Downstream
    1. Big Brown Eyes (radio edit)
    2. One II

Catalog: Dox098
Release year: 2011

With the album ART, Benny is back. ‘This is an album full of songs that are trying less hard to be songs. I finally was able to do that. Good closure for 10 years of songwriting and producing.’

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  1. Maite
  2. 1 + 1 = 1
  3. Car Wreck
  4. Another Song
  5. Little Things
  6. To Make Love Groove
  7. I think I Might
  8. Hey Baby
  9. Almost There
  10. Mr & Mrs Woodman

Catalog: Dox099
Release year: 2011

In November 2010, We’ll Make It Right locked themselves in a house in the middle of the Ardennen forests in Belgium. Made up of Benny Sings, Bart Suèr, Roos Jonker, Dean Tippet, DJ Extraa and Bo Koek, WMIR spent a week of eating, drinking and sleeping. They also wrote and produced a new full-length album.

We’ll Make It Right is a group of musicians, producers and artists who make original and authentic music.

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In A Cabin With

  1. Stop Trying So Hard
  2. My Best Friend
  3. It Ain’t All Good
  4. Just Like A Man
  5. For The Sleeping
  6. Peace And Happiness
  7. Some Say
  8. Some Day
  9. We’ll Make It Bright

Catalog: VVNL20732
Release year: 2009

In January 2009 Benny Sings invited an interesting crew of friends for an IN A CABIN WITH recording session in the luxurous Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Among these friends are Bart Suèr, Roos Jonker, Dean Tippet, Extraa and Bo Koek. The result is a fresh, spheric and brilliant nine track album.

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  1. Coconut
  2. For Your Love
  3. Let Me In
  4. Feather
  5. Well Make Lovesongs
  6. Blackberry Street feat. Urita
  7. Over My Head
  8. Overnight
  9. All I’m Good For
  10. I Can’t Help Myself

Catalog: SK148CD
Release year: 2007

Benny: “Six months ago I got my own apartment for the first time in my life. I invested in house slippers, some serious recording equipment and I hardly left my place since. This album, Benny…At home, is a true home-made product, written, played and produced by Benny. Benny: “Benny… At Home turned into an album with an edge. It’s still light music but a kind of moody light.” Benny… At Home contains Benny’s unique lazy dance feel, the optimistic harmonies and the small sound effects like pop ups. In short: typical Benny stuff but it’s Benny with more life experience.

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  1. Beat1
  2. BSRD
  4. Miss Moral
  5. Nieuwe fiets
  6. Freedom
  7. Ready to Rock
  8. Oohweeooh
  9. The River
  10. Common y’all
  11. Commin up
  12. Beam me up

Catalog: Dox031 Release year: 2006

Benny Sings & Rednose Distrikt find each other in the Amsterdam nightlife and decided to join forces. Just listen and judge for yourself.

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A1. New Bed (4 Hero (twisted) Remix - vocal main mix) A2. Party B1. Unconditional Love B2. New Bed (4 Hero (twisted) Remix - dub)

title: New Bed 4 Hero Remixes / Party
cat not: SK073
format: LP 12”
release date: August 22 2005

On remix duties for this first ever 12” by Benny on Sonar Kollektiv, is the formidable London production duo, 4 Hero aka Marc Mac and Dego. Here they take Benny into a brand new territory twisting his vocals around a perfect electronic broken beat shuffle!

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  1. Little Donna
  2. Below the Waterfall
  3. New Bed
  4. So Light
  5. Yours
  6. No more Drinks for me
  7. Follow the Light
  8. Get There
  9. Me and my Guitar
  10. Make a Rainbow

Catalog: SK051CD/LP Release year: 2005

Different from the debut album Champagne People, which was conceived and executed in the quiet focus of Benny’s home studio, the second album, I Love You, is recorded live in the Amsterdam venue, the Bimhuis. Benny wrote the music on the way to his next commitment* and he arranged the new songs live on stage with the band. “The first album was in fact the beginning of a new life, Benny says “Before Champagne People and during my studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, my life and music mostly took place in my mind. After Champagne People, things started happening and I got busy living it. And this album is the celebration of that: a tribute to the here and now and to the lightness of my new existence.”

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  1. Twist you around
  2. Party
  3. Unconditional love
  4. N.U.
  5. Melissa Davis
  6. We ain’t going nowhere
  7. Together
  8. Style beats liberationfronts
  9. Dust
  10. Champagne People ft. Floor van Berkestijn

Catalog: SK052CD
Release year: 2003

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Benny Sings began making hip-hop beats and at some point just started singing to them. After sending around his demo, he received a lot of positive reactions from record companies. In the end he decided to sign with Dox Records. Benny Sings is a characteristic product of our time: his music is naturally melodic and undeniably groovy. Benny’s methodology is contemporary too: he records the songs at his home studio, writing his own music, singing, and playing most instruments himself.