Here it is: ‘Straight Lines’ My first new track from my forthcoming album which will be released at the end of 2015.

Great to be on board at ‘Jakarta Records’ (GE) for the release on their ‘Winter in Jakarta’ compilation.

The compilation will be available on February 9th as a free download, free limited cassette tape edition and on 50 limited edition vinyl albums. Hypetrak had the exclusive premiere.

Check it out here:

So, we made an album again. We = We’ll Make it Right = me, Roos Jonker, Dean Tippet, Les Frogs, Extraa and Bart Suèr. Album is called “House”. This is the video for one of the songs, called “Art”.

Very happy to say that I’m coming back to Japan to play live for you! Hope to see you at one of the Billboard shows on the 19th and 20th of October with special guest: YUKO ANDO! See you soon! X Benny

I’ve just finished my first film score ever. And loved doing it. Wanna do more. It’s for a small documentary, made by Ellen Vloet, about a great artist called Florentijn Hofman.

Check the doc here:

Or right here:

Project: Coco Tour

Song: Dancing In The Sky

Save the best for last.. This is second single of the new band of Faberyayo, Benny Sings, Falco Benz and Tim Dudek. And the end of this series for now. Enjoy!

Project: Copy Club

Song: Roll Rocks

This is the second song of the new wave disco group. Visuals by VJ Alerta, Alejandra Huerta,

Project: Double Double

Song: Berlin, Fuck You

New video from the ArtHouse-group Double Double, formally known as De Toffen.

Project: Coco Tour

Song: Bathing In The Sun

This is the new band of Faberyayo, Benny Sings, Falco Benz and Tim Dudek.

Project: Copy Club

Song: Dance

This is the first song of the upcoming summer album of the new wave disco act.

Project: Double Double

Song: Lay Your Head Down

Double Double is an art, music and dj group from Holland.

Hey party people,

After the European tour we had some days off in a lovely mansion on the Côte D’Azur. Late at night we decided to shoot a little video.



Hi Everyone,

To celebrate my 10 years in music I’m releasing an album with a selection of songs from my previous albums.


It also includes two songs from my band WE’LL MAKE IT RIGHT and TWO BRAND NEW TRACKS, which are recordings for my new upcoming 5th album. So I think all in all it has become a very lovely selection of songs. Hope you will enjoy it!


20 September Japan

1 October Worldwide

5 October Benelux

9 October France


Two shows in Japan have been added to the calendar! In October there are gigs planned in Osaka and Tokyo at the Billboard Live venues.

Before that there are two shows in France as well in September!

Check the ‘LIVE’ page for more info.

Hey party people, I will be performing on the Traction Festival in London on July the 14th.. So see you there!!